This is my week:

  • Get up at 4:45 A.M.
  • Make breakfast for me and Olivia
  • Get ready
  • Get Olivia and JP ready (JP only on Tuesday and Thursday, the other days he sleeps in and Daddy takes him to school)
  • Be in the car and on the road by 6:00
  • Drop Olivia (JP sometimes) off in Woodridge at Nana’s
  • Have my tea and have a quick 15 minute conversation with my mom (I actually love this moment!)
  • Jump in the car and head to work in Midlothian
  • Work
  • Leave right at 2:55 and head back to Nana’s in Woodridge to get Olivia (or JP too)
  • See how her day was and head right back in the car to sit in traffic and drive home to the North side of Chicago)
  • Make dinner
  • Try to get “me” time (work out)
  • Put Olivia to bed
  • Play for a little with JP
  • Put JP to bed
  • Momma is lights out!

SO, this is my day from Monday-Friday. My problem is that I am starting to have horrible anxiety because I feel like I’m getting nothing else accomplished. My to-do-list continues to grow and grow. I’ve tried to prioritize, but to me I want everything done as soon as possible and everything is important to me! I try to get things accomplished on my weekends, but at that point I am feeling so guilty that my children and I spend most of our times traveling in a car that I feel bad and drop everything to play with them and come up with fun activities for us to do together. I also try to make time to go out with my husband because during the week we hardly see each other.

O.K. so here it is…. The dreaded to do list…. Are you ready?? Be prepared …..

  • Clean the house (a deep clean!)
  • Laundry (lots of it!)
  • Move the toy room downstairs
  • Line all of the drawers in the new toy room to start putting things in
  • Mop the floor in the new toy room
  • Get cameras for the new toy room
  • Organize the toys in the new toy room
  • Clean carpet in old toy room
  • Paint old toy room (Old toy room is becoming a spare bedroom)
  • Go and look at new bedroom sett that a  co-worker sold to me
  • Pick up bedroom set by next week
  • workout
  • clean sheets
  • taking bedding o dry cleaners because JP just got sick on it
  • Have a skin care party Saturday (I promised my friend I would do it for her)
  • Order cake for Rich’s party
  • Thank you cards for JP’s birthday party
  • Coaches meeting for JP’s tee ball team (yes, they suckered me into being head coach!)

O.K. I am finished (for now!) and I am now currently taking applications for an assistant 🙂 Seriously though, I know we are all busy with being full time mom’s and working full time. So, if anyone has suggestions on how to tackle this the most effective way please let me know! The only thing I have tried so far is wine…. lots of it!! 🙂 Just Kidding!

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