Happy Birthday JP!! 

Saturday was a very special day for my family.  My son had his 4th birthday party. Leading up to this day,  I was so stressed about everything being perfect. I was stressed the day of and I was stressed at the party. I told my husband we would never have a big party again. I said from now on it would just be family over at the house. Then, my mood changed in an  instant when I saw my little boy’s face when we sang happy birthday to him. He was so happy and could not stop smiling. He got to play with all of his friends and really enjoyed himself. All of the stress from planning was so worth every minute. It truly is  the best feeling to see such an innocent child glow from happiness. We have one more party on Tuesday and I will probably stress just like I always do, but I cannot wait until we get to sing happy birthday and I get to see that smile one more time!!! Happy birthday JP mommy loves you!!! 


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