I Need To Vent!!!!!

Please, somebody please tell me they have had nights when they looked back and reflected and thought they are doing something wrong as a mother! My son JP had a day. And when I say day, I should say day and night. He had melt down after melt down. Heck, he even broke his glasses! It was exhausting. I decided to go to my workout and get my stress out. I came back and JP and I worked on his goodie bags for his party this weekend. What do you know, he had melt down after melt down again! I thought to myself that maybe it’s something I am doing…. Then, I thought that whoever named it terrible 2’s was fibbing. Because so far, I am thinking it should have been called terrible 3’s… I’m praying there is some Magic sprinkle dust and when he turns four he will have no more melt downs. That would be nice, right? My baby boy is so caring and so kind, but then those darn melt downs come. Here’s to a good night sleep (finally!!!!) and to seeing that caring and kind boy in the morning that I know!!!,


2 thoughts on “I Need To Vent!!!!!

  1. The threes are SO MUCH WORSE! My daughter just turned four so I can totally relate. We’re not out of the three year-old behavior yet, but it’s getting better. It will get better. Hang in there!

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