Do you ever look back and think about things that you may have taken for granted when you were younger? Well, tonight I am thinking about how I wish I would have appreciated sleep more! It’s so funny that as a kid you always want to fight taking a nap and going to sleep, yet as an adult we die for a nap throughout the day or to get to bed at a decent time. I think that my napping days are over, and I am extremely sad about that!  I also believe that my days sleeping in are over. But…. then I think and pray that when my children start to get a little older that they will enjoy sleeping more. I mean one could only wish right?? And the funny thing is that I am sitting here typing away when I could be getting some sleep. But, I guess that is why us parents don’t get sleep right? We have to do everything once our children are sleeping. And if anyone has a child like my son, you won’t get to sleep until extremely late. OK, so here it goes…. I’m ending my writing for the night, I’m closing up  shop on my laptop and I’m hitting the hay! Here’s to hopefully a full 6 hours of sleep! Good night!


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