I got into bed last night and opened up my WordPress application on my phone. I was ready to write (type) my slice and then next thing I know it was 2:00 A.M. I looked on my phone and I see…………xknjglerkneoribfnltkndelobkn. Was I trying to type something? I couldn’t tell you. I could tell you that I was so tired and I lack sleep so much lately that I fell asleep trying to write my slice :). So, today’s slice is in honor of last night and of me being sleep deprived.


I miss you so much you don’t even know.

I miss you so much where did you go?

You’ve been gone for quite some time and it’s getting really sad.

You don’t realize how much I need you, I need you really bad.

I hope one day you come back, even if its for a day or two.

I just want to remember what it feels like to be able to hang out with you.

Yes my dear, you are needed more than you’ll ever know.

So hurry up and get to packing and let’s get ready to go.

I understand my children are what keeping you away.

But, can’t I have you both in my life and have you please just stay?

Without you I’ve been cranky and my eyes have not been looking the same.

I’ll be quite honest with you, I really don’t like this game.

You won’t regret coming back, I promise it’ll be a blast.

I guess I’ll have to lay and see if tonight is the night that we are together again at last!




Did anyone get nervous when reading this poem thinking it was about someone in my life? Well………….. that someone is SLEEP 🙂 I wanted to put the title at the end to keep everyone in suspicion. I haven’t been getting sleep much because Olivia has severe allergies and the medicine is not working. On top of that, she is teething. She decides to wake up Mommy every hour or so. I’m actually getting used to it and some of you I am sure are in (or have been in) the same boat.  This is why I decided to write my poem today to SLEEP! Rich and I have a wedding out of town on Saturday and are staying in a hotel. As much as I hate to leave my children, I can’t wait to  get a good night of uninterrupted sleep! So, I will be getting my wish come true and like my poem says… I am glad I will see my sleep, even if it is a day or two! The funny thing is.. My daughter just smiles and smiles as miserable as she is with her allergies, and that smile is making this “no sleep” thing bearable.  Here is a picture of my baby girl. This smile is why I can’t get mad about getting no sleep… It’s simply so worth it 🙂








One thought on “POEM FOR MY LOST LOVE!

  1. I thought you had lost a child and I was feeling heartbroken for you. While I know sleep is important, I’m glad you’re missing a little of that as opposed to someone. Whew. You scared me there!

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