Better Late than Never!

ImageI signed up to do the writing challenge for the month of March. Well…. to be honest March came and I had thought that I didn’t have the time I thought I had to do the writing. I find myself extremely busy these days. Between being in my last course for graduate school, having two children that are constantly sick (one having severe asthma and the other severe allergies), working, trying to work on getting our new house organized, trying to be a good  wife and make time for my husband, trying to be happy with myself and find time to exercise, baptisms, birthdays , being sick myself, etc. I thought I just was too busy. I can keep going on and on, but I realized something. I realized that I was complaining how busy I am, but the fact is I am truly blessed to be so busy. Yeah, some of the things are not the greatest. My children being sick is one of them, but there are parents that are  taking care of their children who have cancer or other serious illnesses. I thank God my children do not have a serious illness like that. I find myself complaining about all of these things when in reality I should see how lucky I am! I am lucky to even have a husband and family, I am lucky to have a job and have the opportunity to go to grad school, I am lucky to be living in a new house, I am lucky that my Ulcerative Colitis is not bad at this time, I am lucky I am healthy enough to work out, I am lucky that I have a supportive family to watch my children so I can spend time with my husband,  and I am lucky I am able to give parties for baptisms and birthday parties so that I can fill the room with love. I realized all of this yesterday. It was my son JP’s 3rd birthday. Seeing him smile while mommy and daddy went to his school and seeing that smile continue when we threw him a pizza party with all of our family and having a dance off really made me just sit back and think. I thought about this writing challenge, along with other things that I thought I was too busy for. I feel that that if anything, this writing challenge is going to help me see everything in more of a positive and outgoing way, instead of complaining about how tired I always am and how there is not enough time in a day. It is going to help me reflect on how lucky I truly am. I forgot about all of the amazing times I felt so touched by some of my colleagues comments to some of my writing pieces and thoughts last year. I forgot how lucky I was to be working with such great people. I forgot that I need to breathe and remember that I AM LUCKY! I  can’t wait to share some of my life with you for the next few weeks. After all, I guess it is better late than never!


4 thoughts on “Better Late than Never!

  1. Welcome back, Kelli!!! You are one of the most positive people I know – how LUCKY are we to be blessed with your outlook on life every day in your writing. Yay for us!!!

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