Tonight as a lay in bed still with a temp and sick as a dog after days of this sinus infection, I can’t help complain about men!! Not every man, but probably a good chunk of them! I have health issues as we all know, however I haven’t had a fever and infection like this in years!! I am just miserable and have luckily been getting help from both sides of the family. My husband has been helping, yet he always has to add in little comments like “babe it’s just a little sinus infection your fine!” Or “babe it’s not that bad!” Every time I want to smack him upside the head for a few reasons. One reason is he didn’t just have a treatment and doesn’t realize I have to monitor everything that much close. He also has never had a sinus infection. He has had sinuses, but never an infection. Now, what really makes me mad is he is the first one to be the biggest (and I mean BIGGEST) baby when he is sick. It makes me so mad he hardly gets sick, so to him he thinks its “nothing”. But, I promise next time he is sick I will post him whining like a baby to you all to see what I’m talking about!!! I feel like most men whine like babies and then have the nerve to comment when us women are sick and need to take a break from motherhood, working, etc. to better our health! I will say that last night he was a life saver and really stepped up and took care of the household when I slept all day/night, however those darn manly comments continue to stick with me! Ok, there is my complaining and weekly blog. Let’s hope for a more cheerful/healthy Kelli next week for a more cheerful/healthier blog šŸ™‚


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