My Dearest Patty Poo

You are such a strong person and that’s what scares me the most.
Seeing you so weak and as white as a ghost.
It really scares me and I try to keep it in.
But I’m afraid this time the cancer will win.
You aren’t yourself and you don’t get out of bed.
It’s because you are in so much pain, and this is what you said:
“I don’t know if I can do this, it’s too much on me for someone my age”.
I feel like your story is a book and you are on your last page.
But I won’t let you go without a fight.
Because I know theres a chance things will turn out alright.
I think there’s a chance because I know how you are.
Your positivity is what makes you shine like a star.
I pray all the time that you get through this fight
And pretty soon that everything will be alright.
And until that day comes ill stay by your side
And deep down inside my fears I will hide.
I want to be strong for you because you would do that for me.
And I have to remember being strong is the key.
So, I will be here with whatever you need.
Just remember that this is your story and you are taking the lead.
So please tell me whatever I can do,
To keep you around longer, my Dearest Patty Poo!


4 thoughts on “My Dearest Patty Poo

  1. Your poem is such a contrast between a fun playful rhyme and a friend white and ill from cancer. The love for your friend in the poem is so obvious. Your Dearest Pappy Poo will be thought of with fondest and love today too.

  2. oh so sweet!!! I know what you’re living – it’s the hardest thing in the world to watch someone you love going through something so horribly devastating! Your writing is beautiful – you wrote a very touching poem!!!!

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