1st Grade Memories

My first grade was not like many others. In fact, it was not at all like others. First grade was the year I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. They called it Benign Epilepsy because I would most likely grow out of it. I’ll never forget the night it all started……
My Dad and Brother were going to a wrestling event, so my Mom told me it would be a girl’s night. The girl’s night consisted of her and I going to see the movie Witches. It was a good movie and I really enjoyed most of it, however some parts left me scared. I remember asking my Mom if I could sleep with her until the boy’s got home. That’s the last thing I remember before it all happened…..
It’s so funny because I saw my Mom picking up the phone and I thought she was calling my Grandma. I felt as though I was talking to her, however it was fuzzy. I later found out that phone call was 911. I woke up to paramedics all around me. I stayed in the hospital for the night and I was scared.
After that night I missed a lot of school to have tests done at the hospital. I had it all, from EKG’s to MRI’s. Finally I was diagnosed with Benign Epilepsy. So we thought, now what?????? I had many nights having to stay up for tests and not be able to eat, a lot of blood work and Dr. Visits. I ended up missing a ton of more school because that year I also had my tonsils and adenoids taken it out. This happened right after. I remember all the kids being super nice to me whenever I was in school. I also won the Super Student Award from the principal at the end of the year, which was only handed out to one boy and one girl in the whole grade. It felt good, however did people just feel bad for me? Then, our town had a haunted house. They opened early so I could go through with the lights on because I couldn’t go any other way. I was starting to feel different and I didn’t like it….
Finally, summer ended and second grade came. I felt as if everyone forgot what happened over summer and I loved it!!! I was back to being a normal second grader who didn’t miss a lot of school and wasn’t treated any differently.
The Dr’s were right and I grew out of my epilepsy. However, they said that I could have seizures triggered by certain things, stress being one of them. I am now 29 and haven’t had a seizure in 3 years! I have had some really serious health problems in my life, but nothing comes close to having Epilepsy. I will never forget being a little first grader and feeling how I felt. At that age, you really don’t understand and just know that being at the hospital is not a good thing.
There is more to my hospital visits that I will continue in my next blog. It has to do with a wonderful lady names Ms. Kray. I will leave it at that and just let you know that if it wasn’t for her, as a first grader I don’t know if I would’ve gotten through it all! So, I will leave with the famous line….
To Be Continued!


4 thoughts on “1st Grade Memories

  1. We have to have a talk. I went through an extremely similiar experience. MIne stopped in 6th grade though. I’m sure it took a lot to write about this. Honestly, that was hard for me to even type. I guess I don’t discuss it much. Thanks for being brave.. I’m sorry that you had to endure it for so long. side note- all my brothers wrestled- another lil parallel. I swear I felt like i was reading my own story on this one.

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