We are the Champions!!!

Tonight I took JP to watch his daddy play in his championship game. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was so corny to see a bunch of 30 year old men skate around carrying a cup around acting like they won the Stanley Cup. I thought it was corny until I saw how proud my son was of his daddy. He smiled the entire time. What really made his night was when he got to go in the locker room with the guys afterwards and celebrate. So, overall I am so happy let my son stay up past his bed time. He got to see his daddy play and got to say “We are the Champions!”



5 thoughts on “We are the Champions!!!

  1. That’s so sweet. My brother was always very sporty and his son won his first competition when he was 5. Daddy asked him if he wanted to display the trophy on a shelf and he replied ‘No Daddy I want to keep them in a box like you do’…. awwww bless his heart – his daddy had them all on shelves well into his 20’s…. it is my nephew’s mum who insisted on the box. Glad your son was proud of his Daddy. Remember parents are magical beings x

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