The Text Message

Mom starting chemo Apr.5th. Going to be rough. She will lose her hair & be extremelly nautious.

This is the text message I got from my mom today about my Grandma. Today was her big appointment. They told her that the cancer is too close to her bladder to do radiation, so they have to go with an intense chemotherapy treatment. When I got the text message I told my mom I would call her when driving in between schools. I was nervous because I thought there my be much more and that she didn’t want to put it all in a text.

When I called I wanted to talk to my Patty Poo (Grandma). She seemed like she was in good spirits. I asked her if she wanted to take JP to dinner tonight to this place called ALL ABOARD, which is a choo choo train restaurant. I was going to go back to the city where I live, however I wanted to see my Grandma now more than anything and I wanted to make her smile. I knew that if anything would make her smile, it would be JP. I tried to hold back the tears on the phone when I brought her appointment up. I had to ask her how she was and see if she neded anything, I just didn’t know how to bring it up. We started talking and I asked her how she was feeling after her appointment. She said she was good, but she was really afraid of losing her hair. Of all the times she has had cancer, she was lucky and never lost it before. I suddenly was not afraid anymore. I told her that we were going to find the best wig shop there was and make a day out of it! I told her how lucky she was going to be because she can change hairstyles whenever she wanted. One day she could choose to have long hair, while the next day she could go short. She laughed, but you could tell it was a fake, scared laugh. I told her I would see her after work and that I loved her.

I don’t know why but the thing that made my stomach drop and made me cry was to know my Grandma would lose her hair. I was never afraid of that before, but hearing how scared and upset she was about it, suddenly has made me scared and upset. Most of you are probably thinking that I’m nuts to worry about hair, but you don’t know my grandma. She is all about her looks and when it comes to her hair and makeup, she keeps up better than I do as a 29 year old. She loves buying hair and makeup products to try out rom QVC or at the stores. Whenever I stay at my Mom’s and need something I go to my 79 year old grandma and borrow her stuff. Not many people can say that. So, yes I am worried about her hair! I want my grandma to be comfortable throughout this whole experience. I am going to do some research on wigs tonight because I’m buying her the first wig and I’m buying myself the matching one 🙂



9 thoughts on “The Text Message

  1. I love that you are so supportive, and so ready to be her twin, sharing this challenge. I’m sure with such a loving, supportive family, she will be strong during her regimen. May you be strong too, and your treasured, loved grandmother recover quickly.

  2. I am so sorry for the news you received about your grandma. Having a loved one suffer is so difficult. I was touched by the part of your writing where you said, “She laughed, but you could tell it was a fake, scared laugh.” This line shows the heart of your feeling and your grandma’s. Please know my thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

  3. Oh Kelli! I teared up reading this. It reminded me of helping my sister shop for neckaces to cover up her scar after her thyroid cancer surgery. You go out and get some rockin wigs and I just know you’re Grandma feels your love and support. She is going to rock it too!

  4. The love you have for your grandmother shows through this post. It does not matter what others think about your concern about her hair….she does care…and you know it. She reminds me of my mother…wanting to look just right…and was like that until the day she died at 90. Such strong women they are. Your grandmother is lucky to have you care so much…and I know that she will have the most beautiful wig you can find. Jackie

  5. I don’t think you’re nuts, Kelli. I would feel the same way. As women, our hair is one of our defining characteristics. Maybe some people think that’s vain, but it’s true. Of course your number one priority is your gram’s health, but it’s ok to feel sad about the hair, too.
    I’ll say a prayer for her.

  6. Your writing is so strong and powerful. I feel like you are sitting here next to me on my couch talking to me. I understand 100% what you’re saying about your gram’s hair. Believe me, I do. Hugs and Kisses to you.

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