Migraines. Ugh….

Well I could not write last night, and I must admit that I missed it. The reason I didn’t write was because I was in bed with a migraine. Now, those who get migraines understand. Those who are pregnant with migraines understand more! Imagine being in so much pain and only being able to take Tylenol (I don’t know about you but this doesn’t work for me!).

So here was my past few days. It all started yesterday. I had to pull over three times on my way to work. I was just thinking it was morning sickness, however it kept happening periodically throughout the day. Then, I picked JP up and I felt a headache coming on. It only took about 40 minutes and I was non stop vomiting with throbbing pain in my eyes through my face and neck. To put it simple,  it was horrible! I felt so bad because I had JP and my husband work at work. Poor baby only wanted mommy to play hockey and I was helpless on the couch. The worst feeling was knowing you aren’t there for your kids when they need you. Thankfully Rich came home and took JP out for awhile so I could get rest. Unfortunately nothing helped and I was getting worse. Finally at 3 AM I got up and drove myself to the ER. Now, that story about me driving can be saved for another blog!! Just picture me vomiting with a bag and attempting to drive. As I look back, it was quite comical. I ended up staying in the ER until this morning. They couldn’t give me anything for the pain, however I was so dehydrated they have be a few bags of fluids through IV, along with a shot for my vomiting. I ended up going home and picking up JP to go to my moms so she could help me. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her! I was truly blessed today. She called my OB and neurologist and I was able to get some meds for my headache that are safe during pregnancy. I still am not feeling 100%. I ended up attempting to go to grad school, but only lasting an hour.

People who may have never had migraines do not understand how bad migraines are. My husband was one of them. He thinks its like a headache. It’s not. It’s so much worse and I feel it’s ruining my life! I know one thing, I will be going to a specialist as soon as my pregnancy is over, because I know I can’t live with these horrible things! It’s been quite a day and I am tired. I just took my pills and I am laying down. I am anxious to wake up tomorrow and am praying to be migraine free!!! 




One thought on “Migraines. Ugh….

  1. I worked with a teacher who had awful migraines and witnessed her misery firsthand; I can’t even imagine adding pregnancy to be dealt with at the same time! I’m glad there are safe meds for you to take; hoping they work and you can get back to being the mom you want to be. I’m surprised you even managed this post!

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