Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings

Mexican pizzas from Taco Bell

I feel bad eating two, but think oh well.

The crunchy shells and gooey cheese

“Extra onions and hot sauce please!”.

And then there are salads and I don’t feel so bad

Bartoloni’s grilled chicken is the best I’ve ever had.

But are salads really healthy if you eat it all?

With bread and butter? You make the call!

The last are pickles that I love with all my might

My family knows to keep them out of my site.

I love them so much they show up in my dreams

I’ll probably turn into one it seems!

Ice cream, pie and cake for dessert

After all I ate, what could it hurt?

I go to bed feeling I gained a pound, or possibly 10

And then comes morning and I start all over again!




3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Cravings

  1. Each of my kids craved something different. It was chips and dip for #1, anything sweet with #2, donuts for #3 and #4 was cake with lots of frosting. I used to watch the cake/cupcake shows on the food network and drool over the goodies!

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