Visiting in the classrooms

I am so thankful and fortunate that I get to push into classrooms on a daily basis and see what teachers are doing with their students. I cannot tell you how amazed I am with the awesome teaching I am seeing. I not only have the privilege to get close with my students, but I am getting closer with many teachers throughout the district. Today I was in a 7th grade class and the teacher had brought me into the conversation because she had brought up our blogging experience. I think it is so great to show students that as teachers we write and share our thoughts just like they do. After leaving this class, I thought to myself  that I should have told the teacher what a great job she did today, because I thought as an educator it is great to hear positive feedback from other colleagues. I was really mad that I didn’t, however I didn’t want to interrupt her class. I then decided to set a goal for myself. Once a day I am going to write a positive message to a teacher who’s class I was in and put it in their mailboxes. I want the teachers to know what an awesome job they are doing and that it is being noticed by another colleague. I’m sure they get it alot because our district is fortunate to have the opportunity to observe others, however I figured one more will feel that much better. I hope to put a smile on their face, I know I would smile if I received a positive message in my mailbox. So, I am starting with my goal today and this teacher happens to be a fellow blogger like I said earlier. So, Rachel Jones: I love that you are bringing your personal writing experiences into the classroom and sharing the steps you take to get to your writing piece. You really drew your student’s in today, and I was drawn in as well. I loved how you talked about the quote you learned from mediation and how you put it on a post it and came back later to it! I even wrote down the quote and it’s meaning because it was so inspirational to me! Your student’s are lucky to have you, keep you the great work! 🙂

I will continue to work on this goal and create a message each day for a colleague of mine. I hope to put a lot of smiles on faces because it is such a great feeling know that you possibly are making someone’s day!


6 thoughts on “Visiting in the classrooms

  1. I smiled when I read your post because I’m in a lot of classrooms like you are, and even though I am in there in a non-evaluative role, every time I leave Rachael’s room, I feel compelled to tell her how much I enjoy being in there!

  2. I told my class about our blogging experience and they too were fascinated with the idea of teacher’s really having writer’s notebooks and writer’s block and ideas that they do use and ideas that they don’t use. It was an eye opening experience to just have that discussion with them. That’s very nice of you to make that connection with the teachers after you have been in their classroom. I’m sure that they will appreciate your kind words.

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