I get up to get ready for work…… I get sick. I  have a few minutes in between my next classes…..I get sick. I’m in bumper to bumper traffic and have to pull over…..I get sick. We are bringing groceries up stairs….. I almost do not make it and get sick. My first thought is that this is a girl. I feel so different this pregnancy than how I did with JP. I just have this feeling that I can’t describe. I could be wrong, or I could be right on. Looks like I won’t know until September 20th. But I do know one thing. I know that I love this little baby so much and I will get sick 100 times throughout the day if I have to! I can’t wait to meet my little peanut! In the meantime, please don’t mind if I run out quickly without explantation, the final product is a wonderful blessing ❤ 


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  1. Although it has been a very long time since I’ve experienced what you are experiencing I remember it vividly like it was yesterday. I still drive past the parking lot where I dropped off my husband for work before going to school (32 years ago) and got sick almost every morning. Then it could be anytime during the rest of the day! Congrats and Best Wishes! Hang in there.

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