Don’t Grow Up Too Fast!

This weekend has been so busy, yet exciting. Our little JP is turning 2 tomorrow. Tonight we took him to a Wolve’s game because of his love for hockey. As we were sitting and waiting for the second period to start, I felt a little hand slip into mine and I hear a little voice say , “I love you Mommy!”. I can’t get over how a little toddler can melt your heart so much. I was thinking how fast these two years have gone. I feel like just yesterday I was in labor. I want to cherish all of the little things that melt my heat because I know one day my little man is going to grow up. I’m just hoping that it isn’t too soon!! I know one day I will go to hold his hand like he did with me tonight and he will tell me no because he wants to look cool! Until that day, I will take all the fishy kisses, bear hugs and hand holdings I can get!!! 


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