1st Grade Memories

My first grade was not like many others. In fact, it was not at all like others. First grade was the year I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. They called it Benign Epilepsy because I would most likely grow out of it. I’ll never forget the night it all started……
My Dad and Brother were going to a wrestling event, so my Mom told me it would be a girl’s night. The girl’s night consisted of her and I going to see the movie Witches. It was a good movie and I really enjoyed most of it, however some parts left me scared. I remember asking my Mom if I could sleep with her until the boy’s got home. That’s the last thing I remember before it all happened…..
It’s so funny because I saw my Mom picking up the phone and I thought she was calling my Grandma. I felt as though I was talking to her, however it was fuzzy. I later found out that phone call was 911. I woke up to paramedics all around me. I stayed in the hospital for the night and I was scared.
After that night I missed a lot of school to have tests done at the hospital. I had it all, from EKG’s to MRI’s. Finally I was diagnosed with Benign Epilepsy. So we thought, now what?????? I had many nights having to stay up for tests and not be able to eat, a lot of blood work and Dr. Visits. I ended up missing a ton of more school because that year I also had my tonsils and adenoids taken it out. This happened right after. I remember all the kids being super nice to me whenever I was in school. I also won the Super Student Award from the principal at the end of the year, which was only handed out to one boy and one girl in the whole grade. It felt good, however did people just feel bad for me? Then, our town had a haunted house. They opened early so I could go through with the lights on because I couldn’t go any other way. I was starting to feel different and I didn’t like it….
Finally, summer ended and second grade came. I felt as if everyone forgot what happened over summer and I loved it!!! I was back to being a normal second grader who didn’t miss a lot of school and wasn’t treated any differently.
The Dr’s were right and I grew out of my epilepsy. However, they said that I could have seizures triggered by certain things, stress being one of them. I am now 29 and haven’t had a seizure in 3 years! I have had some really serious health problems in my life, but nothing comes close to having Epilepsy. I will never forget being a little first grader and feeling how I felt. At that age, you really don’t understand and just know that being at the hospital is not a good thing.
There is more to my hospital visits that I will continue in my next blog. It has to do with a wonderful lady names Ms. Kray. I will leave it at that and just let you know that if it wasn’t for her, as a first grader I don’t know if I would’ve gotten through it all! So, I will leave with the famous line….
To Be Continued!


The Police Officer’s Wife

8:00 P.M. comes and you get in the shower to get ready to go.

I hope that these next 20 minutes go by super slow.

As you put your coat on I follow you to the door.

I give you a kiss, wishing I could give you a million more.

I tell you to be safe, I’ll see you in the morning and that I love you.

J.P. follows behind and learned to say the same thing too.

You tell us you will and you leave for the night.

I pick up J.P. and we turn off the light.

We get ready for bed and he falls asleep in my arm.

I then pray to The Lord to keep you safe from any harm.

I wake up a few times wondering if you are alright.

I do this and worry about you every single night.

And then I get woken up to a kiss on the head.

It’s 4 AM and you tell me to go to bed.

I feel a sense of relief to know that you are okay.

And I close my eyes for another hour of so before I start my long day.

I go to work, pick up J.P. and then we come home to you.

We see each other not for long, I would say maybe an hour or two.

And then 8 P.M. comes again and you get ready to go.

Even though I don’t want you to leave I just want you to know:

I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you in my life.

I am so proud of you and proud to say that I am a Chicago Police Officer’s wife!

We are the Champions!!!

Tonight I took JP to watch his daddy play in his championship game. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was so corny to see a bunch of 30 year old men skate around carrying a cup around acting like they won the Stanley Cup. I thought it was corny until I saw how proud my son was of his daddy. He smiled the entire time. What really made his night was when he got to go in the locker room with the guys afterwards and celebrate. So, overall I am so happy let my son stay up past his bed time. He got to see his daddy play and got to say “We are the Champions!”


The Text Message

Mom starting chemo Apr.5th. Going to be rough. She will lose her hair & be extremelly nautious.

This is the text message I got from my mom today about my Grandma. Today was her big appointment. They told her that the cancer is too close to her bladder to do radiation, so they have to go with an intense chemotherapy treatment. When I got the text message I told my mom I would call her when driving in between schools. I was nervous because I thought there my be much more and that she didn’t want to put it all in a text.

When I called I wanted to talk to my Patty Poo (Grandma). She seemed like she was in good spirits. I asked her if she wanted to take JP to dinner tonight to this place called ALL ABOARD, which is a choo choo train restaurant. I was going to go back to the city where I live, however I wanted to see my Grandma now more than anything and I wanted to make her smile. I knew that if anything would make her smile, it would be JP. I tried to hold back the tears on the phone when I brought her appointment up. I had to ask her how she was and see if she neded anything, I just didn’t know how to bring it up. We started talking and I asked her how she was feeling after her appointment. She said she was good, but she was really afraid of losing her hair. Of all the times she has had cancer, she was lucky and never lost it before. I suddenly was not afraid anymore. I told her that we were going to find the best wig shop there was and make a day out of it! I told her how lucky she was going to be because she can change hairstyles whenever she wanted. One day she could choose to have long hair, while the next day she could go short. She laughed, but you could tell it was a fake, scared laugh. I told her I would see her after work and that I loved her.

I don’t know why but the thing that made my stomach drop and made me cry was to know my Grandma would lose her hair. I was never afraid of that before, but hearing how scared and upset she was about it, suddenly has made me scared and upset. Most of you are probably thinking that I’m nuts to worry about hair, but you don’t know my grandma. She is all about her looks and when it comes to her hair and makeup, she keeps up better than I do as a 29 year old. She loves buying hair and makeup products to try out rom QVC or at the stores. Whenever I stay at my Mom’s and need something I go to my 79 year old grandma and borrow her stuff. Not many people can say that. So, yes I am worried about her hair! I want my grandma to be comfortable throughout this whole experience. I am going to do some research on wigs tonight because I’m buying her the first wig and I’m buying myself the matching one 🙂


Migraines. Ugh….

Well I could not write last night, and I must admit that I missed it. The reason I didn’t write was because I was in bed with a migraine. Now, those who get migraines understand. Those who are pregnant with migraines understand more! Imagine being in so much pain and only being able to take Tylenol (I don’t know about you but this doesn’t work for me!).

So here was my past few days. It all started yesterday. I had to pull over three times on my way to work. I was just thinking it was morning sickness, however it kept happening periodically throughout the day. Then, I picked JP up and I felt a headache coming on. It only took about 40 minutes and I was non stop vomiting with throbbing pain in my eyes through my face and neck. To put it simple,  it was horrible! I felt so bad because I had JP and my husband work at work. Poor baby only wanted mommy to play hockey and I was helpless on the couch. The worst feeling was knowing you aren’t there for your kids when they need you. Thankfully Rich came home and took JP out for awhile so I could get rest. Unfortunately nothing helped and I was getting worse. Finally at 3 AM I got up and drove myself to the ER. Now, that story about me driving can be saved for another blog!! Just picture me vomiting with a bag and attempting to drive. As I look back, it was quite comical. I ended up staying in the ER until this morning. They couldn’t give me anything for the pain, however I was so dehydrated they have be a few bags of fluids through IV, along with a shot for my vomiting. I ended up going home and picking up JP to go to my moms so she could help me. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her! I was truly blessed today. She called my OB and neurologist and I was able to get some meds for my headache that are safe during pregnancy. I still am not feeling 100%. I ended up attempting to go to grad school, but only lasting an hour.

People who may have never had migraines do not understand how bad migraines are. My husband was one of them. He thinks its like a headache. It’s not. It’s so much worse and I feel it’s ruining my life! I know one thing, I will be going to a specialist as soon as my pregnancy is over, because I know I can’t live with these horrible things! It’s been quite a day and I am tired. I just took my pills and I am laying down. I am anxious to wake up tomorrow and am praying to be migraine free!!! 



Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings

Mexican pizzas from Taco Bell

I feel bad eating two, but think oh well.

The crunchy shells and gooey cheese

“Extra onions and hot sauce please!”.

And then there are salads and I don’t feel so bad

Bartoloni’s grilled chicken is the best I’ve ever had.

But are salads really healthy if you eat it all?

With bread and butter? You make the call!

The last are pickles that I love with all my might

My family knows to keep them out of my site.

I love them so much they show up in my dreams

I’ll probably turn into one it seems!

Ice cream, pie and cake for dessert

After all I ate, what could it hurt?

I go to bed feeling I gained a pound, or possibly 10

And then comes morning and I start all over again!



Visiting in the classrooms

I am so thankful and fortunate that I get to push into classrooms on a daily basis and see what teachers are doing with their students. I cannot tell you how amazed I am with the awesome teaching I am seeing. I not only have the privilege to get close with my students, but I am getting closer with many teachers throughout the district. Today I was in a 7th grade class and the teacher had brought me into the conversation because she had brought up our blogging experience. I think it is so great to show students that as teachers we write and share our thoughts just like they do. After leaving this class, I thought to myself  that I should have told the teacher what a great job she did today, because I thought as an educator it is great to hear positive feedback from other colleagues. I was really mad that I didn’t, however I didn’t want to interrupt her class. I then decided to set a goal for myself. Once a day I am going to write a positive message to a teacher who’s class I was in and put it in their mailboxes. I want the teachers to know what an awesome job they are doing and that it is being noticed by another colleague. I’m sure they get it alot because our district is fortunate to have the opportunity to observe others, however I figured one more will feel that much better. I hope to put a smile on their face, I know I would smile if I received a positive message in my mailbox. So, I am starting with my goal today and this teacher happens to be a fellow blogger like I said earlier. So, Rachel Jones: I love that you are bringing your personal writing experiences into the classroom and sharing the steps you take to get to your writing piece. You really drew your student’s in today, and I was drawn in as well. I loved how you talked about the quote you learned from mediation and how you put it on a post it and came back later to it! I even wrote down the quote and it’s meaning because it was so inspirational to me! Your student’s are lucky to have you, keep you the great work! 🙂

I will continue to work on this goal and create a message each day for a colleague of mine. I hope to put a lot of smiles on faces because it is such a great feeling know that you possibly are making someone’s day!


As I’m laying in bed exhausted from all of today’s activities, I can’t help but think how lucky I am! Today was the day that everyone went out in the city to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. All day long people were using the social media to post pictures and statuses of their day. I used to be one of those people. I thought it was fun to get up early and celebrate all day. Now, I’m spending today cleaning, running errands, cooking a nice  dinner, giving JP a bath, playing hockey with him and finally cuddling and watching our nightly movie of Toy Story 3. As I lay here exhausted, I can’t help but think I’m one lucky girl. I had a great day/night and didn’t need a green beer for it! I had my baby boy and that’s all I needed. Now, I’m off to bed to do it all over again tomorrow. My friends out celebrating may not get it yet, but I know they will one day 🙂

I get up to get ready for work…… I get sick. I  have a few minutes in between my next classes…..I get sick. I’m in bumper to bumper traffic and have to pull over…..I get sick. We are bringing groceries up stairs….. I almost do not make it and get sick. My first thought is that this is a girl. I feel so different this pregnancy than how I did with JP. I just have this feeling that I can’t describe. I could be wrong, or I could be right on. Looks like I won’t know until September 20th. But I do know one thing. I know that I love this little baby so much and I will get sick 100 times throughout the day if I have to! I can’t wait to meet my little peanut! In the meantime, please don’t mind if I run out quickly without explantation, the final product is a wonderful blessing ❤ 

Blog Inspiration/Family

Today as I was pushing into Tracy Banach’s classroom I was excited to be able to hear the great new blogging experience that her student’s are taking a part of! They were so excited to share with me what they started. I was able to look at all of the awesome blogs they started today along with the post-its (comments) that their classmater had left. I give props to Tracy because she started an amazing thing with her students!

While I got to see the blogs, I actually got inspired for my new blog. A student named Jilliam titled her blog Family and then listed all her family members and described them. I loved reading it! I decided to do that with my family, so here it is. I hope you enjoy 🙂


  • Mom- My mom is the most thoughtful person I have ever met. I am not just saying that because she is my mom either. She is always thinking of and doing things for others and never doing enough for herself. She would give her shirt off her back for anyone in our family. I don’t know if that is just a mother thing, but I hope one day my children can say the same thing about me.
  • Dad- My Dad is the most outgoing, funny and crazy (in a good way) man I have ever met. The best quality about him is that he does not care what people think of him! I love that he can make people smile and it just seems to come natural to him!
  • Paul JR- My brother and I never really got along until high school. We are now very close and I would like to think of him as a best friend. He is my son’s godfather and is very family oriented. I love that he always puts family first!
  • Rich- My husband makes sure that our family has stability. He works so many side jobs to make sure we are able to give JP the world! I love him for that. He also is very passionate about sports and very active. I love that if Rich puts his mind to something, he sticks to it! He is truly my best friend and don’t know what I would do without him.
  • JP- My son is the light of my life. I could be in the worst mood ever and he can just look at me and I will have a smile on my face. He always knows how to make me laugh. He is such an intelligent boy as well. He is always surprising me with new things he has learned. He is athletic and is a spitting image of his Daddy.
  • Patty Poo- My grandma is the most non-judgemental person I have ever met. Not many people can call their grandma’s their best friend. I tell my grandma literally everything. I do this because she does not judge anyone! We could have done the worst thing and she will tell us it was wrong, but will end by saying she still loves us no matter what. I love her for that.
  • Be Pa- My Grandpa and I can have our moments were we don’t get along. But, he knows I love him! He does anything for people and for that I am thankful. I always have a clean car and he is always making me a salad when I get home from school. He goes and buys me veggies from the farm stand because he knows I love them.

I used to have a very large Italian family. About 4 years ago something happened and the family split up. We know longer speak to most of them and I am sad that it happened. However, I look at the list I created and I am so thankful for the people in my life. I would never trade any of them and thank God how lucky I am. One day, I will expand and have a large family of my own! I am truly blessed!

So, my blog is dedicated to Jillian in Mrs. Banach’s class. She truly inspired me today!